Seaching function is not good ,i can't search the activity which contains the variable i typed since i upgrade to the version of 2019.07

seaching function is not good ,i can’t search activities that i wanted which contains the variable i typed into the universal search field after i upgrade to the version of 2019.07

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There is option to report bugs in 2019.7 to UIpath team and just mention what ever issue are facing and they will check it update on us.

#PreviewBlogs 2019.7 - Send feedback or report bugs directly from Studio

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Hi @jackjcl

We are aware of this one, it is already on the roadmap :slight_smile:

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i’m agree with you, the previous search feature is more better and usefully

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i was fed up for this version, i had closed the function of update for uipath

Any news about an update yet ? It’s been a while …
I use the enterprise edition in the company and the community on my own Laptop, so it’s a little bit of a struggle since they look slightly different and I’m used to search for variables and not for assign names :frowning:

Echoing this problem. Hope it’s fixed sooner than later. The latest universal search in 2019.8 is virtually DOA.

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We are aware and it will be fixed at latest in 2019.10.

Check it now on Studio 2019.10.0-beta.151 :slight_smile: