Search all keywords of excel in google one by one and collect data

Hi, i have an excel sheets where all the keywords i stored, now i want to search all the keywords one by one in a website then collect some data then put it back on the excel sheet. please help me.

Hi @ArafatRakib1,
Split the Keywords into a array variable and use the below project .

File :Main(Autosaved).zip (2.3 KB)


how can we count the keyword position from web page results and store it in excel sheet?

Im interested in to knowing this too, any tips?

Hello @Povilas_Jonikas

You can use it with combination of some activities.

1)use excel activity to read the excel
2)for each row in datatable to loop through each row
3)then use ui activities type into to type the keywork
4)if table to extratc use data scraping or table extraction
5)use Write cell or write range activity.

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Hi Rahul and thanks for your response.

But is it possible to do it all automatic. You see, I have over 80 keywords that I have to check theyr position in google, it would be a drag to insert them all one by one. Basically the main thing that I need to figure out is:

  1. How to number the position that the keyword is in when I data scrape it in google search;
  2. I would love to get some feedback on data scrapping it self. You see, when I tried scrapping it, it’s pattern was way off. I wanted to scrappe all the results that popped out in google search, but somehow my data scrapper skipped some of them and said that it could not find a pattern. Is there any other way to show the data scrapper somewhat more accurate way to scrappe the results? Maybe through the inspect button in web?

Hello @Povilas_Jonikas

if you are using table extratcion or data scrapping it should fetch all the possible patterns.
If few are not matching you need to check the pattern of its and can include as another extraction.

Please share the screenshot of the values which are not fetching.

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