Looking for solution: Keyword extractor from Excel

Hello Everyone,

Looking for a potential solution - I have an excel sheet with 10 columns and probably 4000 rows. What I need is that the bot looks up in the entire excel sheet and in whichever row the keyword is, the entire row is extracted and put in a different sheet and the new file is named with “keyword”. For example: If i search for keyword - Football, then all rows wherever football is mentioned must be extracted and put in a different excel sheet named Football. Any help is appreciated.


have a look on this Activity from the BalaReva Easy Excel Activities:

otherwise we can help you with a LINQ statement

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How can I access this activity and would this extract all rows?

You can access as usually over the dependency manager via the Go!/Connect channel and explore the returns

Find some starter Help with the LINQ Approach here:
GetRow_ByKeyWord_ContainsInAnyCol.xaml (9.8 KB)