Automate google search with data from excel

Hi all
I have a database of words to Google and scrape the data that comes up.
I can figure out the scraping portion but I am unable to automate the search process.

So the flow would be like
Extract word from database → Automatically Google the word → Extract data-> Move to next word ->repeat

can this actually be done?

Hello @JLFCA

This is possible. But if you search for a word in google, you can get multiple results with urls. So do you want to capture all the data or some specific data from it?

Also for the search process what is the difficulty which you are faing? Once you read the data from database it will be a datatable variable, then you can use for each row in datatable activity to loop through each row. Then get the value of the respective column using “CurrentRow(“ColumnName”).ToString” .

The use Typeinto to type the value to the google search.

Even you can try recording the UI Automation steps using App/Web recorder.

Thank you for your response, to be frank I am a newbie on this and I am using apps like octoparse to scrape data from the web.

Right now after scraping the data, I have the names of the company’s but I would like to set up an automated googling function of the names to find their websites if it’s available .