Scroll PDF for scraping required data

Hello everyone,

I am extracting data from multiple scanned pdfs, read pdf with ocr is not giving the required result so i used scrape relative but its just scraping the data which on the screen for that i have to scroll down, so can anyone help me out with what should i use for scrolling pdf i used pgdwn using send hotkey but its getting to end of the page in that scenario also i couldnt get the required result.

Hi @Priya_Pandey
You can cut the pdf to pages first before scraping the data to eliminate scrolling.

sorry i didnt understand how this would help , actually i don’t have to scrape the whole page, i require a portion from it, if i decrease the size of the pdf to fit the whole page in to it it wont scrape correct data and if i increase the size i won’t scrape complete which is required

@Priya_Pandey There is a custom activity to split pdf pages so after splitting pdf you can scrape the data which you are expecting.

Yes. But you can cut it by pages so that the whole page is visible before scraping the values

Thanks both of You, Its Done. @indra & @Jan_Brian_Despi

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Hi , how did you do it
Can you help if possible ?
I’m facing the same issue