Screenshots when exporting to work


I have captured the Tasks but when I export to word the screenshot do not appear in the document.

hi @ibraalli welcome to the forum community
have you used hotkeys to save the image in word?
or what is ur flow?

Hi @Jebarohith19 Thank you for your response.

I only captured the process and the images and exported. I also have similar processes that i can export screenshots. only one i can not

can u post the screenshot or ur xaml file so me or others can have a solution to it

Hello @ibraalli!

Our team has already fixed a very similar issue as you described and it will be included in the next version - 20.4 on Monday, April 27th. I recommend you to install the new version after the release day and try to reproduce this issue. In case you’ll encounter it again, please send us the .ssp file of the process and also the .log file, which can be found in ‘Help’ menu -> ‘Open Logs Folder’. You can package the files into .zip archive and attach to your message here.
Please keep us updated about any of the results.