I need to screen scrape data that spans over a multiple pages, so i basically need to scroll down if i want to see the next page data, how do i do that, screen scraping is just getting me the first page?

Hai @shreyaank,

Try Data Scraping.,


Nope. Data scraping doesnt work for the control. Im using a Sap applciation

only screen scraping works, but it is yielding results only for the screen that’s visible, how do i get the entire data for which I have to scroll down?

Try to find ways to move down - is it possible to press a button to go to the next page, or can you send hot keys (Down or PgDn)?

the table expands to around 50 pages, should i click pg down 50 times and screen scrape it again 50 times?

Without actually having access to the application and playing around with it, I can’t say that this is for sure the only solution, but if you’re saying that only screen scraping works for this control than I’d say that clicking the next page and scraping again might be the only way because screen scraping takes only what’s visible on the screen. You don’t have to have this 50 times in the process flow though, you could put it into a loop.