How to do screenscraping (datascraping is not an option) on dynamic data

I have an application where I am able to do screenscraping (if I am doing for static data).

For ex
I get into the application and do screenscraping (there are 4 pages and we need to click on next). I am able to achieve the desire result (if I am selecting region) but the challenge is that if I need to do screenscraping in a loop then the next entry in the application does not work ( as it may have less or more pages then 4 )

I cannot do data scraping as it throws an error

Is there a way to use screenscraping only

Hello @dipon1112000

  1. Use a Click activity to navigate to the next page.
  2. After navigating, use an Anchor Base activity:
    • Anchor: Select a unique and stable anchor element.
    • Action: Inside the Anchor Base, use the Screen Scraping activity to scrape relative to the anchor.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @dipon1112000

use an check app state activity and indicate the next button and if the button is visible then in target appears section please give the click activity and in target doesn’t appear section give the activities you need to do as per your requirement.


My requirement is to do screenscraping of all the pages in the application. (The no of pages differs based on account)

If I am doing screenscraping for only 1 account, (which have 4 pages connected to each other with down button), I am able to achieve the desired result.

Data scraping does not work as I cannot select table cell

Hi @dipon1112000

If possible can you please move to the last page and share the screenshot of that page.


This is the last screen I get after clicking on drop-down

Hi @dipon1112000

Can you share the work flow please


After each scraping activity I have passed the output to write line (to check)

And it’s showing up in output.csv

But this is only possible for 1 account as the number of scraping screen might increase or decrease for another

Like this

Hi @dipon1112000

Use Elements Exists activity and indicate the pop up screen and store the output in a variable. The datatype is Boolean. Use an If Condition and inside condition pass the output Boolean variable of Element Exists and if it’s true and use Click activity to click the OK button in the THen sequence.

Refer the below image for better understanding:


Thank you for the help but my requirement is that I need to run a loop on multiple accounts

So the step I following is

  1. Get into the application with account no and get all the contents. To achieve this I am doing get full text or screenscraping to get all the entries (in screen1)

  2. Now with the help of drop down button I am going to the next screen and the repeating the same activity.

  3. This process of getting full text continues till the time I don’t get popup of “OK”.

Now the problem here is that not all accounts will have similar number of screen (some might have 1 and some might have 5)

So is there anyway we can make the bot realise not to stop screenscraping till it reaches “OK”

HI @dipon1112000

After the click ‘LSBMPBUT’ activity and before the Click ’ Button’ use an element exists activity and indicate the elements present on the popup and then give the output of the element exists activity into the if condition and then place the click ‘Button’ activity in the then sequence of the if condition.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @dipon1112000


Sorry for my ignorance but the element exists activity that u suggested to use between drop-down and OK is not working, might be I am not doing it right.

My doubt is where will it work as drop-down (count) is not static. It will increase if the number of pages increase or decrease and the only way to get text is by navigation with the help of drop-down.

So if I am doing element exists after 5th screen then it will not run for another account as that account might not have 5 screens and if I am doing it after first screen the the flow will not go to the next screen (as I tried using it after first screen)

Just for clarification

If a screen has data it will have a drop-down (it looks like drop-down but works like a next button) to go to the next screen (so before clicking on drop-down I am doing get full text to capture all the data available in the current screen)

And after clicking on drop-down I am getting diverted to next screen where I am suppose to the same get full text activity

This process will continue till the time we reach to a screen which does not have any data and there will be a popup stating about no data available and to click on “OK”

Is there a way we can automate this for multiple accounts