Screen scraping using MOUSE actions

Recently, I had to scrape text from screen and unfortunately the application was not recognized by UiPath.I used another tool which had three functions - Mouse down,Move,Mouse Up . Using the nearest images to the text, I was able to get the desired text.

For example purpose-
I am trying to highlight “Principal” in the string as displayed -
Logic used-
Click after image “Monthly”
Click before “&Interest”

This selected the required text.
I tried mouse+down, hover, mouse+up in UiPath did not work.

This is very helpful, when scraping is required but the application is not recognized. User can use image+mouse actions to capture text.

what exactly didn’t work UIP’s mouse+down, hover, mouse+up?

The text was not selected . Mouse+down was after “Monthly”,then it hovered on"&Interest" and then the execution was complete without selecting the text.

this is one way to do, might help others.

Hmm, not sure what didn’t work for you, it worked for me with just 2 clicks (one UP and one DOWN).

Try it and let me know if if doesn’t work for you.

Still not able to do. Could you please share the xaml.

Is your file Image or Editable Text?

If its editable text, @Cosin example works. I don’t think it works for an Image.

For the second click you need to change the KeyModifiers to Shift.


Thanks , it worked !

and the xaml, in case somebody needs it. I didn’t use the shift key, but it should work too. (2.5 KB)

I have a similar problem and I have to make it work on an image. Is this possible?