How to scrape text from a mouseover

I am in a desktop application where certain information only appears by hovering over a data element and a text line appears a few pixels down and across from the mouse. How do I get this data?

I can set the place to hover … but how do I even try to scrape the text - I may have to OCR it … but even then I need to specify the rectangle to OCR.

Does UiPath provide some feature to do this?

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Have you tried get Visible text(unreadable then OCR) by setting the coordinates (F3) and select the area.
hoverscrape.xaml (9.0 KB)


You may try Get Children for the specific region and get the text (aaname) for that element.
hover.xaml (11.9 KB)

My examples are for web, but you might get an idea.

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Thanks, I will look at your samples … I tried using parallel to get OCR while hovering - that doesnt seem to work
How do you do the hover and scrape at the same time ??

I selected the region where the pop up appears.You can use get visible text or get ocr text to capture the text, add 1000-2000 delay after in hover activity.

I’ll try it again … but if there is a delay after on the hover … then by the time the OCR activity runs - won’t the pop up text disappear before the OCR??

AFAIK as long as cursor is on element pop up won’t disappear.

Delay is just to make sure pop up is visible to robot to capture the text.

This is not working for me due to the OCR, text is not readable