Problem with screen scraping the text

Hey everyone,

I am struggling with a problem regarding screen scraping. My robot needs to make decision which path he should go according to the percentage written in one text. If it is less than 100%, he should go to the part called “Faktury niezaładowane”.
I have tried get text, get full text, get visible text, and it doesn’t work. Surprisingly, when I only test part with get full text/get text (this one before the last decision point) in a separated workflow, he knows what to find, but somehow gets lost when I invoke that small workflow or connect it in a big workflow.

Could you help me resolve this matter? Maybe I don’t see an obvious problem and just need to change small thing.

All the best,

pekao_faktoring.xaml (149.8 KB)

hi @marboc

Have you tried using Get Attribute activity

Ashwin S