Screen Scraping Job Listings web page

Hi! I am new to UiPath and I am trying to create a screen scraping process that navigates to a company’s job posting/career page and creates a csv with the information about each open job.

Here is my process so far:

  • open browser and navigate to the master list of jobs
  • create a data table of the job titles and URLs
  • for each URL, navigate to each link and screen scrape the information (job title, id, location, desc)
  • add each row to the data table
  • write data table to CSV file

I have attached my workflow so far. This is what I would like the data table to look like:

I am stuck on the screen scraping part - how do I create a data table based on the screen scrape that can store the data from each url?


Here is my workflow so far:
Main.xaml (35.6 KB)