Screen Scraping - Full Text not working in PDF Extraction

Hi Friends,

While working on the PDF extraction module, Full Text not working in PDF Extraction during Screen Scraping. However, OCR option is working fine as default scraping option everytime I use the Screenscraping wizard. Please help me to fix this asap. Please find below the screenshot attached. Thankyou :slight_smile:


which OCR motor are you using?

tesseract ocr for OCR. I’m having trouble with Full text Extraction option

can you try usin the onmipage OCR instead?


Is read pdf text not working ? Are you not getting correct data that way?

Are your pdf’s scanned or digital?

If scanned , Try with multiple ocr’s to check


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The pdf images are provided by the UiPath Academy itself for practise purpose. So while using the screen scraping ,OCR option is displayed as default and Full text scraping option is not working . It says failed. Please see above screenshot I have already shared. Still its not working.

Im sorry am not aware of this. how to use it?

@Sri_Vennila Remove tesseract and drop onmipage

Install the Omnipage activities from the package manager, then in the activities pane you will find the omnipage ocr, just change your current ocr for the new ocr


Okies will try this and let you know