Screen scraping is not capturing the text from the PDF

Hi ,

I have one PDF file (It’s a dummy payslip in a pdf format, which contains employee name, designation, company name and various salary components) . I am trying to capture the text from that pdf using screen scraping but no text is getting displayed in “Scrape Result Preview” section of the Screen Scarper Wizard.

UiPath Version: 2020.3.0
I have installed all the required packages related to UiAutomation, Pdf activities.

Kindly suggest me a solution for this problem.

Have you tried using the Read PDF Text activity?

Hello Daniel,

Yes, I have tried using read pdf text activity; but that too didnt work.

Did u try using OCR engines for reading PDF?

Hi Sriharisai,

I haven’t tried OCR engine for reading PDF.

But, can you please guide which OCR engine should be used to read PDF ?

HI Deepak,

Sorry for late reply. You can use Read PDF with OCR . In OCR engine you can use Microsoft OCR,Tesseract OCR or Abbyy OCR. Please note , if you want to use cloud OCR from above list you need to require licensed API key .


Thanks for your reply. I will try and let you know if it works or not.