Scrapping Leads from Google map

When scrapping Leads from Google map, it does not always ends with “No results found” thus the loops continue indefinitely without scrapping any data.
However the right chevron is grey out as shown
How do I tell Uipath that the Chevron is grey out thus the scraping is completed and process can stop?

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Hi @Mun_Hong_Lai

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In this case, I believe you will have to develop a custom scraping mechanism that will:

  1. Scrap 1 page
  2. Test if the icon is greyed out (most likely based on its attributes using Get Attribute activity)
  3. If not greyed out - click it, scrap second page, merge it with the previous table, repeat
    If greyed out, end scraping.

It is a bit more elaborate, but should do the trick :slight_smile:

Thank you @loginerror. Pardon me as I am very beginner. I create a simple test, please see image attached.

and the accompanying url :slight_smile: Google Maps

I tried with class, tag = ‘span’, tag = ‘DIV’, parentid = ‘pane’, tag = ‘BUTTON’ to detect end of page for google map right chevron. Still unable; message box consistently “The last page”.

Could you show me the steps? Thanks you for your patience.

Mun Hong Lai

You will need to find an element that changes between the active button and the one that is greyed out :slight_smile:

The simplest way to track down the correct property would be to inspect the element using your web browser Inspect Element feature :slight_smile: You should see how the elements change in the code of the website. After you find out what elements change, you can try fetching it in Studio.