Scraping E-commerce site - Need to scrape each page and store data in DB

Hi Folks, Im newbie here.
I need a help to resolve my issue,
let me brief my issue:
crawling all product_name and product_url and clicking all Pagination also opening each page using FOR EACH

scrap the product price, product_size, product_image, product_description
get the data and insert into DataBase( SQL or Mongo or anything)
( I tried with web scrapping but for using that I need to choose twice to get the data, but in single product page,there will be one click option is possible, so am getting error)
can Anyone help me out from this?
thanks in advance!!!

Can you try getting individual elements by using Get Text for the few bits of information you need?

Then assign those variables to a datatable row?
Or insert them directly into the database with an insert query.

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Thanks for your information @TimK.
I will try that what you told.
If I face any issues I will ping you.

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