How to scrape multilevel pages?

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I have a question how to scrape multiple level page?

First I would like to scrape all products within single search (category) create a databse with hyperlinks to a single products,

Secondly I would like to click on each single product links in database, open the page and scrape all details I need to on single product page, close it and go to second link in the databse, an so on…

The final product should be all details of single products within the ceratin category.

Example ebay,
-search/category: phone: Search Result | eBay
-single product page:

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Scrape first level and build a data table including links. Then open each link and scrape the content you want. And so on for each level.
Check this thread with a similar request

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Thank you for fast replay.

Unfortunately, I still do not understand the logic to scrape it from multilevel website (not from the computer as in the example) :confused:

Am I missing some steps from the example due to the error?

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In there you should have an For each row. I don’t know why you have the error…
Here is the file updated to the last version of Studio
Main.xaml (14.0 KB)
project.json (670 Bytes)