Scrape data from excel with multiple sections

I have an excel with multiple data sections


Age Report
Name Age
name1 21
name2 45
name3 24

City Report
City State Zip
New York NY 10132
Chicago IL 82322
Las Vegas NV 65321

both the data sections are on the same sheet and I just want to extract the first section of the data (Name, age). the number of rows in the section is not constant and will vary everytime.

What is he best way to process this kind of excel ?

Thanks in advance.

U can use read cell Activity or u can also use for loop activity, depends

Read excel and import rows to another datatable until you get blank row ( or blank cell of first column).

thanks. that is a good solution. I looked for the start of the next section (heading) instead of a blank row to read the first one into a secondary data table.


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