Scale Objects In Studio

Greetings fellow roboteers!

Does anyone know if there is a way to scale down the size of the Objects within the UiPath Studio?

I’m aware you can zoom out on a workflow, however the rest of the studio stays at the same resolution and takes up a lot of space (especially when in Debug mode)

Also - is there a way to default the zoom of a workflow to 80% instead on the given 100%

Thanks in advance,

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You can change the percentage at the bottom of the studio to the required size ( as you aware of it :slight_smile:) And you can unpin the panels on the right or left to see only the required panels @JustAPo

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There isnt currently a way to set default zoom for the whole studio. There was an idea raised a couple of years ago but dont think that got much traction. Maybe suggest it again and put it to a vote?

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Hi Tim,

How would I go about creating a suggestion and a vote?

Thanks in advance

Have a look on there :slight_smile: