Saving exchange email attachment

I use the activity get exchange mail messages and store them into a variable. How do I save an attachment from an email to a folder. The Save Attachments activity does not working.


Filter the mail by subject or attachments…

After filtering use save attachments activity to download the attachments to particular folder


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What’s the error you are getting while using Save attachments?

if you get the messages, you need to loop through each message using for loop then you can use save attachments.


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If you are using Exchange then you can use the “Save Attachments” activity (click here for the documentation). The trouble you might get is saving them dynamically so you don’t overwrite each file. I would suggest adding to your file name something like this:
"attachment "+now.tostring(“dd-MM-yyyy HH;mm;ss.fff”

You can add a filter to only get PDF files if you want.

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