Save attachment from mail and use later in a workflow

I am reading emails from my outlook. My email contains an attachment. I want to download the attachment and use the same attachment file later in my workflow. How to achieve it?

Please use Save Attachments activity to save the attachments into a particular folder. (after first for loop in the attached screenshot)

For example, save the attachments into the following folder
folderPath = "C:\Documents\MailAttachments"

Now get the attached file name using the following activity -

Using the following expression you can get the full file path of the attachment.

attachmentFilePath = folderPath + "\" + attachment.Name

You can use this file path and use it later in the workflow.
If there are more than one attachment, save all file paths to a list.

Karthik Byggari


Thank you. That’s simple.

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Hi @Ulrich_Hoch!

You want to use “Save Attachments” activity where You just need to pass two arguments:
Your mail message and path where You want to save file stored in some variable.


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