Saving data entered in Apps

Hi All,

Is there any way where we can save the data entered in the UiPath APPs form to orchestrator or some where (storage bucket) with out using the BOT. Later whenever we have the BOT available it can access the stored data and perform action on it.

Basically can we store the data entered in UiPath apps designed form with out using the BOT as we don’t have enough bots dedicated to keep running or trigger when action performed on that form instead save that data where BOT can access the data in it’s free time and action?

Any help would be grateful

@Yeswanth_Ganjam ,

Please follow the below approach.

  1. Save the data into data service.
  2. Add item into Queue from Apps.
  3. Complete the apps submission.

Now when your bot is available then can pickup the queue transaction and process it.


Hi Arvind,

thanks for the update , is there any example where I can replicate on how to add data into Data service and from there Apps to Queue that would be really helpful.

@Yeswanth_Ganjam ,

please have a look at below documents.


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