UiPath Apps Accessibility

Hi, wanted to ask how would you share UiPath Apps to the business users or how would they be able to access the App itself to use it. Would each business user require an account for Orchestrator and then access it via cloud.uipath?

Yes! system in which the process will run needs to have a user account created to have the access to app and run it

This can be taken care by AD integration or buckets

Thanks, and can Apps interact with queue management?


Apps can interact with the queue only via a process, you will have to create the process for performing task related to queue and link that process as action on the Apps.

Ah ok, so for example we create a form on App to take in user input and then start a job upon user submission. Then from there the job will proceed to populate a queue with the transaction items?

yes, you got it correct

that is the flow that will be followed by the robot, it will take input → input will be passed to the process mentioned in the action and then that process will do the needful and interact with queue.