Saving big number of incomes documents


i had to:
1- get a big number of invoices(more than 200) sent by email, save it in separate folder with appropriate name
2 -reopen each document and then get information from it ex: date, amount,…
3-save the information of each document in an excel sheet for later use.
4-close all document at the end

now I’m able to do the 1st and 2nd, but when opening the document acrobat keep only one document on the the screen, the others are hidden, so i can’t open read all the documents.

anybody have a strategy for that?

Have done this task. Below is the process I flowed.

  1. Download all the attachments to a folder.
  2. Use Directory.GetFiles() to gat all the file nales in to a List
  3. Use for each on this list
    a. open acrobat and open the file
    b. read required data, store it in a file/DataTable
    c. Close the acrobat application
  4. Repeat step no 3 for the entire list of paths

thanks you, can you share the xaml?

there is also a problem is that there is only a scanned pdf document with handred of pages (invoices), i need to split them into separate pages.


Hope the attached xaml helps. if you have acrobat reader full version(licenced) you can extract the pdf pages. Option available only in full version.
Read Pdf.xaml (32.6 KB)

many thanks, but there is a timout error for the ancor find activity