Read Multiple PDF Using community Edition


I am doing one poc where i need to read multiple invoices from various suppliers ( attached sample inovices of three suppliers), i need to read those contents( invoice number, pi/po number, item ,quantity and price) and paste into application. Could anyone please help, i am stuck over here. Your help would be really appricitated. Many thanks in advance.


Hai @Mahesh1112,

For reading multiple pdf files you can put all the pdf files on one folder and then you can read all the pdf file by using select folder activity., and then for reading each pdf file you need to use for each file activity inside that activity you can perform the action however you wants.,



I need to read the pdf ( Invoices ) which are different format and i need to read the entire data like invoice number , date , quantity and amount etc. if anyone please share the sample workflow to read this documents would be highly appreciated.


Hi @Mahesh1112,
Use Read pdf with Ocr and provide the pdf path and use extract text with Ocr.
Repeat this step with pdf files of different format


Hai @Mahesh1112,

Kindly check the workflow you can add activities based upon your requirements .,

Main.xaml (9.6 KB)



Thanks Arvind


@Manesh1112, how much success did you find with this approach? How many different formats are you dealing with? I’m just thinking whether the alternative of using a cognitive data capture service (like, or smacc io) wouldn’t be a better fit for you - e.g.