Save web screenshots into Excel file

I would like to enter the data’s from excel sheet to web form using username and password and need to goes to particular page.Next need to take data from excel sheet row by row and enter into some fields, may be 3-4 and need to search the datas. Based on search query it will shows some output.
I have completed above steps.

Now I want to save output in image (may be 2 to 3 image for one record) and save into excel sheet.
I want to search for first free row in excel sheet and I want to save the same. Please help me out how to save screenshots into the excel. Thank you.

Hope this will be helpful.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply, But I would like to know first how to save screenshots in folders. For one row I need to save 3 screenshots, so if I have 10 rows in my excel means I need to save 30 images in folder then I need to insert into excel. And saving screenshots in my folder I want to give dynamic names(instead of one.jpg I want to give row(“data”) like that), how to achieve the same.

Thank you