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I hope that anyone can help me with my question. I adjusted a word document in word application scope that is written in a for each row activity. Now I need to transport it to a pdf file and save it as letter_Name_City.
Name and City are column values in my excel file. How can I save this as a pdf that every time the file is adjusted in the for each row acitivity the file is saved as letter_~Name(row1)_City(row1), letter_Name(row2)_City(row2) and so on…

while saving the pdf or exporting as pdf with EXPORT PDF activity inside the WORD APPLICATION SCOPE use this as filepath in that activty to convert and save as pdf

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Thank You! I wrote is as “C:\Users\User\Documents”+“letter”+row(“Name”).ToString+row(“City”).ToString+".pdf"
but it is not saved in my documents

you were almost don
it would be like this buddy image

Cheers @Josephine17

Thank You!!!

Cheers @Josephine17

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