Save PDF document in a variable


I’d like to save a PDF document from a download of a site and store as a variable to send an email, but don’t know how to do that.


Check as below

You can try with this also

Input_Files = System.IO.Directory.getfiles(“yourpath”,"*.pdf")

Hope this may help you


download can be done e.g. with wait for download

afterwards when sending the email the downloaded pdf can be used as an attached file

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The approach of extracting data from PDF document would be different and requires try and find approach based on the document content.

For a simplest approach, please find the attached xaml file which extracts the text from the PDF document from a website and saves the extracted text to a variable which you can use it to send email.
Main.xaml (10.2 KB)

Hope this helps for your requirement. Let us know in case you need further help by attaching the PDF file and the data you want to extract.

For other approaches in extracting data from PDF file, i would recommend you to go through the course named “PDF Automation” in uipath academy.