Save multiple sheets data into multiple excel file

i have an .xlsx file which having 3 sheets(sheet1,sheet2,sheet3) i want each sheet data to be store in a different excel file. like sheet1 data to be store in excel.xlsx, sheet2 data to be store into excel1.xlsx and sheet3 data to be store into excel3.xlsx.

I am new to RPA ,please share the .xaml file for this problem if possible.

Get Workbook Sheets, try this activity

can you share .xaml file for this

Hi @sanjib39

1.Use Excel application scope activity
2. Use Read Range and set the sheet that you want to read
3.Create a variable type of DataTable
4.Pass the DataTable variable to the properties of readrange activities
5.Use write range and write the range to the excel.

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Hi @sanjib39,
Use “Get Worksheets” activity- it will return a list f sheet names - sheetList.

for each item in sheetList
read range - with sheet name as item.tostring
you’ll get a datatable here.

use another excel scope, write range and pass the datatable.
here try to add the sheet name (here item.tostring) as file name in excel scope. so that you’ll get sheetname.xlsx like name for the output excel

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is that what you are saying???

Check this please @sanjib39

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