Have many files and saved into one file

abc.xlsx (7.9 KB) data.xlsx (8.5 KB) def.xlsx (7.9 KB) ghi.xlsx (7.9 KB)

I have excel files “abc, def, ghi” each of which has data in a sheet, and I want to move it to a file “data” where in the “data” there is a sheet whose name is also sheet “abc , def, ghi” I ask that you please help me

It is simple @arifudinmyf just read the excel using read range in a datatable and write the same datatable wherever you want in the other file in the sheet name pass the sheet name in which you want data.

please help me make a simple draft. thank you

Use Read range To read all files sheet
And then use Excel Application Scope for that file where u want to write
Then use write range for all those files that u read earlier. if data already present there then u can use Append Range instead of Write range

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I have tried but only read only one file


Sequence2.xaml (11.0 KB)

Do you want something like this ??

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Can u be more clear ?
Have u read all files sheet using read range?

I will send all the files I haveabc.xlsx (7.9 KB) data.xlsx (8.5 KB) def.xlsx (7.9 KB) fileexcel.xaml (14.3 KB) ghi.xlsx (7.9 KB)

It’s very simple just use excel application scope to read your files:

  1. Take read range to read abc and take its out to dt_abc.
    2)Take read range to read def and take its out to dt_def.
  2. Take read range to read ghi and take its out to dt_ghi.

now get all sheet name in a workbook by vb codeget sheet name

for sheet exist or not , once u have available sheet name then pass it to write range and start writing excel sheet w.r.t to dt.


I will try

Test.zip (35.4 KB)
Keep all files in Data Folder
You will get all data in Data file


thank you file went well

thank you file went well.

I thank everyone for helping me. file goes well. success for all of us


Help me please sir, please open this link thanks

I will look it tom.:slightly_smiling_face:

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