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hello all,
I am trying to save mail message using save mail message activity but getting this same error again and again .
any one can help me ?

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Can you try to change the path and check…looks like the access to path is denied…or check the properties of the folder Madhu and see if it is only read only


I already change many times.

Hi @Madhu_Maurya ,
Check your path

Hi @Madhu_Maurya

You are passing the folder path in the place of File path field in the Save mail message activity.
Could you try by giving the file path instead of folder path.

Your file path should be like the below


It works for sure

Hope it helps!!


Did you happen to check the path properties

can you restart UiPath…also can you do path exists and check…alternately try using write text and save a text file in that path if you are able to do…if yes then change the mail package and check

Also it needs a fullpath like C:\Madhu.eml you are not passing extension


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