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Hey everyone,

I’m saving email through Save Email Message activity, as .eml, this e-mails have pdfs as attachments. When I sent this as attachment of other email and I received them I can open them but my problem is that when I try to open the PDF’s inside a message pops up saying: image

Anyone have a clue what I have to do to be able to open the PDF’s.

Thx in advance and best regards


Can you try saving them as msg, just as a test?
What do you use to open the eml? You can use the save attachment activity and try to see if the pdfs are ok.


Initially I tried with .msg but when I tried to open the msg when I received them in other e-mail as attachment, a pop up appears saying that i dont have permissions or the file was already open. If I save the attachment with that specific activity there’s no problem. The thing is, I open the PDF’s to get some information, but if this information is missing, I want to send back the all e-mail and not only the attachment(PDF’s) and tha’s why I’m saving the email’s as title.eml.

Thx in advance.


we do support saving emails as .eml, only but sometimes .msg might work (depending from where you get your emails)
let me give it a try myself and see what happens.


so, tested myself with get outlook mail message and save it to a folder. then used this saved email as attachment in a send outlook email activity. i had an email with 2 simple pdf attachments, worked just fine opening them in Thunderbird

how do you open the saved emls to check the attachments and what pdfs are those? what do you use for get emails and send emails?


I’m attempting this and having issues. Can someone share a sample workflow? Thanks!


I’m all good on this. It was working i just didn’t have the move to completed folder and didn’t realize it was working. :wink:


Hey Man,

could you share the part of the workflow where you are trying to save? would help a great deal.



let me know if this doesn’t help you.
Read Email Upload to AWD Portal and Move To Folder.xaml (10.7 KB)