Save Mail message loosing embedded body Img

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In my process, I need to forward the embedded images from the email body to a specific email.

The issue is that every time I save the the MailMessage with the .eml extension I loose the embedded img.

I am able to accept any format in my process, Forward the original message, send the eml message file, or even the body image as an attachment, etc. As long it has the embedded body images.

Below, the ss of the .eml file after loosing the img.

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Also, Copied below, is an old topic related that may be helpful.

(Saving Mails having Image on Body using Save mail Message Activity)


Did we try saving it as a .msg file

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Hi @octavioelliot

Refer this thread for mere information


Thanks for the quick reply @Palaniyappan ,

Yes. The issue with the is that I cannot even check if it works because the access is denied when saving with the .msg extension.

Also, if I send this file as an email attachment, the file is empty as per the image below.

Thanks for the repy @Gokul001,

However the issue is that I do not have the img path saved.

The img comes from the email body.


Hi @Gokul001
Could you support me to configure the “Send inline image” activity for multiple images, please.

for example


HI @Angelica_Fabiola_Oviedo_D

Kindly Create a separate post

And have you tried with above solution which i gave


Yes, I already used it, for 1 image it works fine, but when I include multiple images it gives me an error.




Okay have you tried with Create HTML Content Activity ?


I was not yet able to figure out the source reason but on the Surface, I notice that my issue is related to the included extra mailboxes.

For example, when I connect with any ACC but the Main (automation@…com), the inlines msg are lost. If the Main is connected (automation@…com), the inlines are saved as attachments without extensions (as it should be).

With this workaround, I was able to send the inline body img. However, I still wish to solve the technical explanation behind it.

Thank you all

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