Good afternoon, does anyone know how to add the following Image to my activity to send an email through Outlook? It can ?? In UiPath Studio.

Buenas tardes, alguno sabe como agregar la siguiente Imagen a mi actividad de enviar un mail mediante Outlook?? Se puede?? En UiPath Studio.


This post may be your solution

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Hi @Atejera

You can use “Send inline image” activity (Package name - UiPathTeam.OutlookInlineImage.Activities) . Pass the image path and add a placeholder in your email body input parameter as to where exactly you want the image to appear in your email body. Please refer the below screenshot for better understanding:


Can you try this and let me know

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The other way is to use url of image in the email body

For eg

If the image is stored in cloud then use its url in the email body like

<img src= https://....../>

Try this way around


Nived N 🤖
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