Save IBM Lotus Notes mail as .eml

Hello everyone,

i’ve an issue with UiPath activity Get IBM Notes mail.
When i get the mail that i want to process (containing an image and an HTML table embedded in the body) i want to save that mail in .eml, using Save mail message activity.
When i open the file saved locally by Uipath, that file doesn’t contains any images and the whole body is not formatted as the original mail (HTML table disappear and i have only text).
Can you help me on this issue?
Thank you.

Hi @angelo.squarciafico,
Welcome to the Community!
By default Save Mail Message activity is saving mails as .eml. It might be that Lotus by itself is not able to give you the whole mail content.

Hi Pablito, thank you for the welcome and for reply to me.
I currently use Lotus Note version 9.0.1, and with it all mails saved as .eml (or other format) lost all images, formats and informations reagarding, for example, the TO of the mail, obtaining an .eml with only plain text. I’m using UiPath.Mail.Activity version 1.8.6.
Upgrading version can I solve the issue or UiPath has integration problem with Lotus Note?
Thank you.

It can be rather Notes thing. As IBM notes returns mail data in it’s own way. To achieve what you need I think standard Get POP3 or Get IMAP Message activity is needed. Those are direct server’s queries.