IBM Lotus Notes Email UI Path activity is not working


I am working on Lotus notes version 8.5. I want to retrieve email from certain folder of lotus notes. I tried with activity Get IBM Notes Mail Messages but its not able to read any email. I tried with Inbox also but its giving me zero count of extracted emails.
Please refer to attached screenshots.

Could you please help me on this.


@aksh1yadav @Pablito

Hi @utkarsh_Johari,
First of all please check this:


This activity only works with IBM Notes v9.0.1 or above.

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Hi @Pablito,

Is there any way to retrieve emails from Lotus notes version below than 9.0.1 ?


Without using dedicated activities you can try to use click activities to navigate through lotus and try to grab text using get text activity. Eventually you can try to work with Computer Vision activities in case standard clicks and get text will have problem with proper selector recognition.

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Sorry, I found the answer in another post

Hi, did you find a solution to read emails from lotus notes 8.5 ?