Save attachment from .eml

My problem is the same , but my eml files contains another eml file and in that file I have attachments to download. The Activity read saved email to object is throwing an error as write to failed. can anyone has solution how we can do

You can open the .eml file with the Start Process activity - then attach to the window with a Use Application/Browser activity.

Then it should be possible to automate the proces as it was any other program with clicks/type into/hotkeys etc. :slight_smile:

thank you for your suggestions, I will definitely try it out. But here I don’t want to use UI automation. Is there any alternative approach

You can use activity “Read saved email to object”
from “UiPathTeam.ReadSavedEmailToObject.Activities” package



Hey @J0ska
I need to get files from the the local drive. I have tried with the following code and getting this error. The .eml is having another .eml attachment , due to that, it was throwing an error.

I simulated this scenario (EML file containing another EML as attachment) and it works just fine.


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@J0ska can you share the workflow

Sample workflow using activity “Read saved email to object”

ReadEmlFile.xaml (9.7 KB)

Unfortunately, it looks like the package that contains the “MailToObject” activity only works for Windows Legacy projects.

There is also “Windows” version indeed


Thank you @J0ska - I did not see this version when I looked initially. I will try it.

It worked after I set the Rule to “Lowest Applicable Version” from “Strict” (which was my default). Thank you!