Convert .eml to mailMessage and save attachment

Hi All,

My script downloads outlook email as .eml format. This has an excel file as an attachment inside which I need to separate. To achieve this, I converted the .eml file into MailMessage object by using UiPath activity called “Read Email from Saved File to Object”. I then tried to extract the attachment from this MailMessage object by using “save attachment” activity, same way its suggested here: How to retrive attachments from .eml file.

However its not working. I want to separate the attached excel file with the same name. Could someone guide me with a bit detailed steps?

Thank you!

could you provide screenshot for both activities? Read Saved email to object and Save Attachments?

Thank you very much for your reply. Please have a look how I used the “Read Email from Saved File to Object” activity

And here the “Save attachments” to get the excel file from the above .eml

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Hi jahidKM,

What package and version are you using?

I can’t find the “Read saved email to object” activity.


Hi Daniel,

I think jahidKM meant this package: Read Email from Saved File to Object - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview

For some reason, I could not browse this package from Studio, so I downloaded it from parkatplace az a nupkg, and manually uploaded into Orchestrator as a library package.

I was looking for exactly for the same issue and it works like a charm.