Retrieving attachments from saved email (.eml)

Hi all,

I am trying to retrieve attachments from an email message that is already saved on the hard-disk as a .eml file. Is there a way to do this?

I noticed that the “Save attachments” command only lets us retrieve attachments from MailMessage objects. In that case is there a way to convert saved emails in .eml format into MailMessage objects?

Thanks a ton!

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Try this. It worked fro .msg, have not tried for .eml format.You could use a different vbs and execute in a similar way.

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Hi Vinay,

Thanks for the repsonse. I have never coded or created VB scripts before. I tried the one you had shared, but it seems to be sepecific for .msg. Also, I am trying to do this on systems that use Lotus Notes as the mail client.

Could you let me know how I can proceed further?


i am also use window live mail but some after day not properly working window live mail. then i decide use outlook mail. hence my friend is also use outlook file .msg extention . this msg is good working .
i decide total eml file convert .msg file. with use ToolsBaer eml to msg conversion software

I am also interested in this.

Hi was anyone able to figure this out? How to retrieve attachments from a saved (.eml) file?

Hey Andre,

I have did it a long back,

first you need to open .eml file by start process(refer to Screen shot), and then open it as follows

now you are able to perform all the operations which you can do with mail messages.

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hey @Andre_H
mark it as solution, if it has been solved

Thanks Aditya, but this didn’t work as I thought. The .eml file is stored on a local drive and now I need to load it back into uipath as a mail object so I can then do a for each to iterate through the attachments. Any ideas?

Hi Adithya could you please share the sample workflow of the above screenshot

Hi All,

I faced with similar requirements and I downloaded and installed following package from UiPath market place.

Read Email from Saved File to Object

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Fantastic! Thanks for the update @nsiva. I posed this question long back, but several people have asked for a solution.

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