Retrieving attachments from saved email (.eml)



Hi all,

I am trying to retrieve attachments from an email message that is already saved on the hard-disk as a .eml file. Is there a way to do this?

I noticed that the “Save attachments” command only lets us retrieve attachments from MailMessage objects. In that case is there a way to convert saved emails in .eml format into MailMessage objects?

Thanks a ton!


Try this. It worked fro .msg, have not tried for .eml format.You could use a different vbs and execute in a similar way.


Hi Vinay,

Thanks for the repsonse. I have never coded or created VB scripts before. I tried the one you had shared, but it seems to be sepecific for .msg. Also, I am trying to do this on systems that use Lotus Notes as the mail client.

Could you let me know how I can proceed further?



i am also use window live mail but some after day not properly working window live mail. then i decide use outlook mail. hence my friend is also use outlook file .msg extention . this msg is good working .
i decide total eml file convert .msg file. with use ToolsBaer eml to msg conversion software


I am also interested in this.