Save as CSV UFT-8 without BOM


I’m using the “Write CSV” activity to save an Excel file as CSV, to be imported into another system.

The issue is the file gets saved as UTF-8-BOM, which the system cannot read properly.

I tried some different encodings, but none of them gives me the desired result. Right now I have to export it manually like this:

How do I solve this? :slight_smile:


The following post will help you.



Thanks for the reply.

I’m not sure I understand. How would I use this in my workflow?


First, get csv string from your datatable using OutputDataTable activity.

Then write it to text file using the above post’s way.(System.IO.File.WriteAllText method using InvokeMethod actiivty.)


Do you have any samples of this being sued? I’m still not quite sure I get it.

OK I got this output from above method:

19-04-2022,1482,F,2115,10040,Materiale,ALT,Flyttet til 21085,"-2752,8"
19-04-2022,1482,F,2115,21085,Materiale,ALT,Flyttet fra 10040,"2752,8"

Desired output is this:

19-04-2022;1482;F;2115;10040;Materiale;ALT;Flyttet til 21085;-2752,8
19-04-2022;1482;F;2115;21085;Materiale;ALT;Flyttet fra 10040;2752,8

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

The Output Data Table activity only supports comma as delimiter. If you want to use a custom delimiter you need to generate the CSV text yourself. You could e.g. use CSVHelper to write the CSV file. Use the following code in an Invoke Code activity:

Dim sw As StreamWriter = File.CreateText(in_FileName)
Dim csv As CsvWriter = New CsvWriter(sw)

csv.Configuration.Delimiter = ";"
csv.Configuration.Encoding = New System.Text.UTF8Encoding(False)

' Write headers
For Each col As DataColumn In in_DT.Columns
Next col

' Write rows
For Each row As DataRow In in_DT.Rows
	For i As Integer = 0 To row.ItemArray.Count-1
Next row


' Clean up

The line csv.Configuration.Encoding = New System.Text.UTF8Encoding(False) is actually not needed since CSVHelper seems to write without BOM by default.


Thank you for the reply.

It seems very complicated - I never imagined such a “small” issue would need solutions like these.

I managed to solve it two other ways though. Both simple enough so I could understand them myself.

Solution one was just to make use of string replace to replace all instances of




Solution two was to add headers and have the program I imported the files into, ignore the first line (the headers).

The intia issue and the reason I created this topic, was that if the CSV file was saved as UTF-8-BOM the program I imported the files into, would not recognize the date - but only on the first line (???).


Another approach :

If the file always has BOM of UTF-8, the following workflow removes first 3 bytes and it will be without BOM file. Probably we can use WriteCSV activity with this. (2.8 KB)


Beware if you go with Solution 1, that you will be replacing commas inside the cells also. E.g. the value “-2752,8” will become “-2752;8” which might not be what you want. You can get around the issue by using Regex.Replace to only replace commas outside quotes.

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