Save as a PDF on a VM

Hi all,

I’m new on ui and i need to make functional a process like this:

open a pdf document
save as on a specific folder
close pdf

i tried with adobe reader or chrome as default app to open pdf but if necessary i can use another option.
in the real process a program export a pdf in a temporary folder so i need to save in a specific one.

i use
ui version 2019.12.0 beta61
adobe reader 19.021.20061

Thanks in advance,

Is there any particular reason why you open the PDF file?
Is moving the PDF file from temp folder to permanent folder the only action you need?
If so why don’t you use “Move File” activity?


the temporary folder has a dynamically name path, i don’t know how to move it. i make an export pdf from power bi and i can’t set a destination folder, it is temporary.
can you help me a little bit?


HI @Cosmin_Cirnu

The download may create multiple dynamic folders and dynamic file names. But all that should go into one particular root folder right? May I know what that folder path is?

Hi Fernando,

please find below 2 folder examples:
C:\Users\coscirnu\AppData\Local\Temp\Power BI Desktop\print-job-dec7bb19-0968-4fc7-a7a5-61db7c17cdd6

C:\Users\coscirnu\AppData\Local\Temp\Power BI Desktop\print-job-fc9c5e5c-7c93-4a58-9dae-bbaf5a22729e

please have in mind that there are more reports and for each need to save pdf in a folder; to prevent copy to other pdf report instead of the right one we need to identify the pdf name in adition with last pdf created here C:\Users\coscirnu\AppData\Local\Temp\Power BI Desktop
it would be very helpful a solution.

many thanks,