Move PDFs based on Name in specific Folders


I have these folders as shown below in the picture:

In the folder “GER”, I have several folders named “BL…”, “BL…”, and so on.
In each “BL…” Folder, I have 1 PDF named “BL…” and several others PDFs named “INV…”, “INV…” and so on…

I need to transfer the “BL…” PDF to the Folder named “BL” and the other PDFs named "INV…" to the folder named “Invoices”. (As shown in the picture)

I need to do that for all the “BL…” Folders in the folder “GER”

NOTE: When I wrote “BL…” or “INV…” means the names are not constant.

For example the “INV…” name can be: “INV21-31483-GER-GOTS”, “INV21-31486-GER-GOTS”,…
Folders “BL…” can be : “BL ACSSFE002956 GER”, “BL ACSSFE003020 GER”, …

Note: The folder “BL” and “Invoices” are empty and created by me. It need not be in the folder “GER”. It can be created on the Desktop too if needed.

Can anyone show me the way please?

  1. Ensure Include subfolders is checked

  2. Include “BL” to filter only file names with BL or IN



which Folder am I addressing here?

Which package should I install to have these activities?

Address the main folder i.e the one that contains the all (Ger,UK,USA).

Type for each file in the activities search bar and you should see it under studio X.

use if condition if file Contain BL Move to the file BL Else if Files name contain Invoice Move to the Invoice File first You Get all the file loop it
I hope you get the solution

Check whether studi x is enabled here

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How do I loop through these though:

you have to get the files and move to those folder right?

It should be like:

For each FolderX in Folder_GER:
For each File in FolderX:
Move BL to Folder BL

But it is moving everything to one Folder only:

Even this does not work:

Even this is not working:

It is putting evertyhign in one folder!

wait bro i will check it you have to move the Bl to Bl Folder and Invoice pdf to Invoice folder right

You forgot the filter I asked you to put.

IN” under filter by

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Got it work! Thanks!

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Please mark as solution

It’s Working Buddy.

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