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Hello i am making a proccess where i want to check if a mail contains a subject ( this works)

then if its correct subject download all images in that mail - create a folder with name ( folder a) - then store the images in that folder for later use

Need help with creating new folder and downloading the images

Thanks in advance

you save attachments activity

Hi @langsem

1.For example if you can using outlook use Get Outlook Mail Message Activity create output variable.
2.Next use for each activity pass the output variable and change the type of for each System.Net.Mail.MailMessage.
3.Use if activity pass the condition item.subject.contains(“Pass your subject content”).
4.If it is true then part use Save Attachments activity pass input message item and folder path (if you want create a folder use Create Folder Activity).

Kommi Jeevan.

What shall i insert in Message input ?

pass item for each activity


getting error "mailitem option strict dont allove converte from object to "

for each change the type System.Net.Mail.MailMessage .

ok, but this one only downloads the images, how can i create a folder before download ?

want it to before downloading the images, create a folder with the mail subject name then store the images in that created folder

use Create Folder Activity
input folder path pass the path where you want to save attachments.


Cheers @langsem if you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.

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