Sava attachment syntax

Hi just a silly question but if I have 2 attachments from an email named:

1: Hello.xlsm
2: Bye.xlsm

But I only want to download the first one via save attachment activity, how would I write it in the filter?
I want to allow the attachment to start with He and followed by anything else but at the end it should end with .xlsm"

Something like:
attachment like “He” * “.xlsm”

How would the syntax be here in the filter?


You can try this : “[From]=‘He*.xlsm’” in the filter option in Save Attachment activity.

[from] is for the sending email adress or not?

Isnt there something like [name] [attachmentname] [filename]?

Because the files are from the same mail adress but I want to check the name of the file.

Anyway thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

@Danyel_Ural Check below link once.