Regex for attachments filter

Hey guys.
I need to apply the filter in save-attachments activity. Only file: Slip Activation.xlsx
is needed to be downloaded. Can you help me with REGEX for it?
Thank you

Update: It should be case insensitive

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@Slavich Can you specify sample input and output

No worries
Hope this would help you

It has an example as well
Cheers @Slavich

Input: path as String
Output: variable attachments as Ienumerable String

@Slavich Can you specify what will be common in the file

Sorry, dont catch what you mean…
There are can be multiple attachments in email together with this file. I want to filter by this particular name - Slip Activation.xlsx and download it.

@Slavich Use if condition that your file name contains Slip Activation.xlsx than download file

It seems to me that through filter its easier. No ?

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