Save Attachment Filter multiple conditions

Dear UiPath Community,

in my workflow I have Mails containing multiple attachments.

Based on the attachment names I would like to save them in different folders.

As an example: The file “PI_Mai_Stand_15_06_2020_SLL.xlsx” should be saved in a specific folder based on two filter conditions in the activity “save attachment”
Filter: attachment name contains “PI” AND “SLL”. Do you have an idea how I can make this work?

Thanks and best regards

Pass “PI*SLL.xlsx” in filter of Save Attachments… Happy coding :slight_smile:


Hi Sudheer, thanks for your quick reply! I got me on the right track.

What I now used it IF attachment.Name.toString.contains(“PI”) AND attachment.Name.toString.contains(“SLL”) --> Save attachment with FILTER attachment.Name.toString

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