SAP UI Element not found after deployment to other machine

Hello, my bot is working fine using my personal machine where I created the project but after deployment to other desktop/machine, its getting an error. It cannot find the UI Element where the bot supposed to type into. Do i really need to re-spy it on that machine ?

Hi @jhenesie.t.tapalla ,

Do you have a UiPath Studio on the desktop/machine where the project was deployed?

If yes, you can check and compare the selectors of the UI Elements where the bot will type and update the code accordingly.

Hope this helps. Happy automation!

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Do i really need to re-spy it on that machine ?

you shouldn’t need to.

@jhenesie.t.tapalla did you enable scripting on the other machine?
you need to enable both client and server side scripting

also, you can compare the selectors of the same element between new and old machine

you do NOT need studio to do this (but you need at least UiPath assistant installed). just go to the directory and run UiPath.Explorer.Launcher.exe