SAP problem on remote machine

Hey Guys,

I’m having a problem related to the SAP automation on remote machine, the error is the following :

The error is related to a click on the last line of the table, on my local machine, everything works fine.

Note : I’m started facing this issues on remote machine since the last update of SAP…

Can you please provide some help here?

Kind Regards,

hi @jose.penetra

did you check if your selectors maybe changed?



As @fernando_zuluaga suggest check the selectors are changed?

Also are you using the element or any Image activity?


Hey, As I mentioned before, the code works correctly on my laptop…when I publish to orchestrator / remote machine, then it fails… I checked the sap gui configurations on both sides (my laptop and remote machine) and seems everything correct…

is the SAP scripting enable maybe?

yes indeed.