SAP Table Cell Scope

I try to build an automation for Purchase Ordes in SAP. Unfortunately my Activity “Table Cell Scope” doesn´t work. It seems there are Problems with the selector. I tried to fix it with replacing “0013” to “*”, but its still not working.

<sap colTooltip=‘Material’ id='usr/subSUB0:SAPLMEGUI:0013/subSUB2:SAPLMEVIEWS:1100/subSUB2:SAPLMEVIEWS

There is a Youtube-Video ( How To Fill SAP Table with Table Cell Scope Activity - UiPath Tutorial - YouTube) in witch is shown exaclty what I want do do / automate. But the tips there shown, don´t help in my case.

(SAP GUI 7.70)


Anyone experienced in using Table Cell Scope - Activity?

Thanks in advance, Max


Could you please open this in UiExplorer…

We may have more options to make the selector dynamic…



here it is:


Do we have one more field to type?

If yes, Please take one more type into activity and indicate it on the next field copy the selector in note pad along with previous type into selector…

Paste the snap here…

So that will get to know what kind of changes we can make…



there it is:

As mentioned before, I already tried to make the selector dynamic via change the “0013” to “*”. Didn´t work.

I solved it. Strangely the “type into” activity was the problem. I changed repaced the modern “type into” to “type into” from classic design. Afterwards I set the selctor dynamic like this:

Now ist works. I´m not sure why, but it works.

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