Error code:“This control does not support Table Cell Scope activity”

Part of my code is uploaded as the screenshot, it is totally follow the tutorial of this vedio (How To Fill SAP Table with Table Cell Scope Activity - UiPath Tutorial-youtube)(watch?v=H8dYLJhs2KI&t=185s)
However, when I try to use Table cell scope and indicate the cell element in the table, the error “This control does not support Table Cell Scope activity” occurred.
I’ve tried the solution in this topic(changing the theme of SAP, and scripting in SAP is confirmed), but it doesn’t works. SAP Table Cell Scope Activity Not Working - News / Knowledge Base - UiPath Community Forum

My code Part1

my code part 2


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did you indicate the full table or only a cell? you need to indicate full table ideally


Hi @Xu_Haotian02 ,

Did you try VBA Code? If you want to do with VBA, please block the calendar and share the invite so we can connect and close the issue.

Pavan Kumar

Hi @Anil_G , appreciate for your response.
I tried to select the whole table, but the error maintained.


Can you show the selector you are getting…looks like the outer of table is selected


Thank you for your advice… @pavan_kumar5 VBA is quite a good solution but it is not available to all people, it is better to solve problem within UiPath as my colleagues have no programming experiences. :grin:

This is the selector region. Also I’ve tried to select the single cell or even a bigger region than the scope showed in screenshot, all failed as well.


Can you open the properties and show the strict selector there

ideally if it says table in the selector then it would support else this activity will not support


@Anil_G This is the selector value of a single cell:

And This is the selector value of the whole table, the selected region was showed as the screenshot in my last reply.

This is the selector for the single cell.


It would not support…if you see the type it a simple container for table it would be table related containers or fields

You need to go with using idx and loop to work with this table


Thank for your kindly assistance and patience , I really appreciate that!
Since we know that “Table cell scope” doesn’t work in this case, would you please kindly give some tips of how to using idx and loop to work with the table ?
Just the activities structure or a screen shot of code is better.

For eaxmple:
Excel application process scope
–use excel file
----read range(save to df)
----for each row in df
------log message(current item(“col1”))

Thanks again in advance!



If you see the selector of the cell you will see a number 0,7 those signify the row and the column of the cells…try to indicate one or two cells and check the values how they are changing

now you can use variables in place of 0 and 7 to change the cells you want to interact …so basically you need to create two variables for each row and column value and increment them in a loop to add data to all cells as you need

For loop1- oop through rows
for loop2 - loop through columns
type into - with selector havign variables of row and column

for loop has index proeprties which will increment the index from 0 you can assign variable there or if the increments for you are not by 1 then can use row = row+1 ad col = col+1 in assign to increment the values

Hope this helps


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please check below post:

SAP Table Cell Scope Activity Not Working - News / Knowledge Base - UiPath Community Forum

Hey @Xu_Haotian02,

SAP activities are the Primary activities we should use for SAP Application. But as we are facing issue in extracting table data, we can try other activities like Computer Vision

Take CV Screen Scope
Inside CV Extract Table - output would be DT


Hope this will helps you.

Thanks for your productive advice! However I believe it is a good way to extract data but not to write data :grin:.

Many thanks for your kind and warm help.@Anil_G
It really works! This could be really helpful for those who have no exp in VB scripting and improve their understanding of the selector.
I just post my solution to counter the SAP table issue, hope it will be useful for others seeking help for the same problem.
Thanks again.

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